Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Does the window have to be installed before installing Window Ease™?
  • Yes, as should the wall and sill finishes. Window Ease™ should go in last but before window treatments such as blinds.
Can the device be attached to mulled windows in pairs?
  • Yes. In “Ganged” windows sets of two or more, Window Ease™can be installed on one or more of the windows.
Which side of the window do the controls have to be mounted?
  • Either side.
What about really deep jambs and sills?
  • Optional Crank and Latch extensions will accommodate any depth. Extensions are also used to provide accessible kitchen windows by bringing controls out to face of cabinets.
What colors are available?
  • All exposed surfaces are powder coat. The standard colors are white and dark bronze. Custom colors are available. The Crank and Latch are black.
What about window treatments?
  • Window Ease™ blends well with traditional window treatments. Mini-blinds are often hung between and directly from the Window Ease covers.
How is the Window Ease™ packaged?
  • Window Ease™ comes in a kit and is installed by a qualified person such as a carpenter. Most installations take about 1.5 hours.
Does Window Ease™ require maintenance?
  • No. All exposed parts are metal and powder coated. All interior parts are plated metal, stainless steel or nylon and are self adjusting and self lubricating. Each component and assembly of Window Ease™ must first successfully pass a "torture test" of 30,000 cycles to be included in the Window Ease™ design.