Just 3(.)5lbf will open a window requiring 35lbf to operate


  • Modifies New or Existing Windows
  • For Vertical or Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Compliance with All Codes Guaranteed

Window Ease™ is not a window. Window Ease™ is the low maintenance universal retrofit which guarantees compliance to all applicable national & local laws, codes and regulations. Window Ease™ attaches to any manufactured single-hung, double-hung or horizontal sliding window.
Window Ease™ is designed to be the versatile accessibility solution for new as well as existing facilities. New, old, wood, aluminum, vinyl or steel sliding windows can now meet all accessibility standards. Window Ease™ can be added as needed to any window. In new building, windows are uniformly specified preserving exterior appearance and lowering costs.

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With Window Ease™, less than five pounds of force will open, close, and latch virtually any window in seconds. A crank handle is utilized for ease of use and a lever type latch, located adjacent to the crank, replaces the stock window's inaccessible, small and out of reach latches. The Window Ease™ latch allows a window to be latched in any position from fully open to fully closed allowing fresh air with added security. With Window Ease™, any window can easily and fully operate with less than 5 pounds of force and meet grasping and reach requirements — Guaranteed.

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